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a visual firewall for the surveillance society_

created to shake the public apathy around privacy, SnowWall is a visual networking tool which provides insights and control into the networking activity on a Windows-based system. SnowWall allows you to block outgoing traffic selectively, based on country, organization or program.

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> system & network monitoring

> data flow visualisations

> firewall control

> privacy-preserving geolocation

1. Monitor

SnowWall monitors network bandwidth usage, network traffic and processes in real time and logs them to a local database.

2. See

SnowWall displays network connection with respect to their geographical destination or organization, so you always know where your outbound data is going and if anyone is tracking your operating system.

3. Filter

SnowWall supports complex poliices that can filter network traffic according to different dimensions, such as by destination country, organization, or originating application. Moreover, it provides direct and easy access to creating and scheduling rules in the Windows Firewall required for these policies.

4. Geolocate

SnowWall needs IP-based geolocation to provide the information necessary for the security policies, and provides a leading research platform for privacy-preserving geolocation.